eSafety is extremely important and is discussed in school on a weekly basis during lessons in the ICT suite, when using iPads and in assemblies. The poster below is shown around school and in the ICT suite so children can remind themselves about eSafety in lessons. It would be helpful if you discuss this poster with your children, to talk about the information and how it is also appropriate for using computers and tablets at home. There are some links on the right to useful websites that contain more resources and information about keeping your children safe on the Internet.

We regularly hold parent meetings in school to discuss eSafety matters, such as social media, Prevent and rules for using computers and iPads at home.

If you have any eSafety questions or would like to discuss anything related to eSafety, please contact the school office and ask to make an appointment to meet the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher.



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