The policy and arrangements for admission to the school are set out in the Local Authority’s school admissions booklet ‘Starting School in Tower Hamlets’, which can be accessed at

A paper copy can be obtained from the Local Authority’s Pupil Admissions Team

Contact no: Tel: 020 7364 5006

Please visit Tower Hamlets Education and Learning for more information.

Admissions Statement

Lawdale Junior School follows the Fair Access Admission Protocol for Tower Hamlets for the admission of pupils. The protocol sets standards for dealing with applications that are made when families move into the borough or want to transfer their child from one school to another. The protocol also provides the early admission to school or access to alternative education for children whose circumstances make them ‘difficult to place’.

Pupil Services will let parents know whether or not a place can be offered within ten school days of applying. Children, out of school, would normally be admitted within five school days after the decision is made, although more time is allowed if we need to arrangements to support the child’s education in the school, for example if the child has Special Needs that require additional support.

Infant to Junior School Transfer

Pupils will transfer  from Elizabeth Selby Infant School to Lawdale in September after their seventh birthday but you must still apply for a junior school place.

When your child is in a year 2 class, you must apply for your child’s year 3 place even if this is for a place at the linked junior school.. Please check with pupil admissions for the exact date.

What you must do

You must fill in and return the borough’s junior school transfer request form, giving the name of the school you want your child  to transfer to (even if that is your child’s linked junior school). The infant school your child goes to will give you this form in October/ November  of each year.

If you do not fill in and return your school transfer request form by the closing date, your child may not have a school place.

Pupil Services will offer places based on the admissions criteria and  will tell you their decision in April.

Lawdale has never been in a position where a child who has attended Elizabeth Selby Infant school has been denied a place at Lawdale Junior School.

Admission Criteria

Oversubscription criteria for Tower Hamlets community schools and nurseries

If a community school receives more applications than places available it will not be possible to offer every child a place. Children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education, Health and Care Plan, which names the school applied to, will be placed before all other applicants.

The remaining places will be filled in the priority order below.

Priority 1 Children looked after by the local authority, previously looked after children who left care under a residence or special guardianship order, or those adopted from local authority care.

Priority 2 Children for whom it is deemed there is strong medical or social reason to attend the school applied to (see note 1).

Priority 3 Children living within the catchment area who have
a sibling attending the school (including the school of separate infants and junior schools) and who will continue to do so on the date of admission (see note 2).

Priority 4 Children who live within the catchment area of
the school and for whom the school applied for is their nearest community school within the catchment area.

Priority 5 Other children from within the catchment area of the school.

Priority 6 Children living outside of the catchment area of the school applied to.

Applications for children in  Year 3 to Year 6 should be made directly with Pupil Admissions at Mulberry Place or through the local authority web site:

Parents who wish to admit their children in the school are encouraged to visit the school before placing their child on the waiting list. 

Parents must make sure the application form they complete is accurate.  Parents should contact Pupil Services or tell their child’s school if there are relevant changes to their application after it has been submitted.  Places may be withdrawn if false information is entered on the application form.  Parents who do not provide evidence of their child’s address as requested, or provide conflicting or inconclusive information, may have the place withdrawn, even if it has already been accepted.  When parents live separately, the address used should be the one that their child usually lives at and attends school from.  If a child lives equally with both parents at different addresses, it is the parents’ responsibility to make this clear on the application form.  Parents may be asked to provide acceptable proof that this is the case.

The Head teacher is responsible for admission and is supported by the  Administrative team and the Assistant Head teacher.

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