Our School

Dear parents,

A warm welcome to Lawdale Junior School (LJS) and our website. We feel very privileged to teach your children and have them in our care for the 4 years they will attend our school. Most of the children who attend LJS will have started their education at Elizabeth Selby Infants school and most children go on to Oaklands Secondary school or Mulberry Academy Shoreditch. The headteachers and staff of these schools work closely together to ensure the children start each stage of their education fully prepared for the next part of their educational journey.

We pride ourselves on working hard in supporting each and every child with their education and their development as a caring, thoughtful member of society. In January 2018, we were awarded a prestigious UNICEF Rights Respecting Gold award in recognition for our work on developing rights respecting citizens of the future.

We are fortunate in having fantastic children and very supportive parents to work with and our staff get enormous job satisfaction from working at LJS.

We hope you enjoy looking at our website and the  amazing, rich  educational opportunities we provide.

Thank you for taking your time to have a look.

All the best

Ms Annette Rook (Headteacher)

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